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Turkish Voiceover


Regional Goals

  1. 5-Star

Build off of prior successes and ideas of past regional teams to provide 5-Star Chapter Program coaching.

  2. Engagement

Design a welcome packet that chapters can present to prospective and new members. Encourage early engagement by the chapter to new members and work as a region to share engagement ideas.


Develop strategies to help chapters with member recruitment. Compile ideas as a region to share with chapters, hold sessions regarding recruitment strategies, engage PTK HQ for ideas and promote Zoom meetings via email and Facebook.


Work with the alumni association to increase alumni engagement in the region. Alumni will continue to have an increased presence at chapter conventions.

  Advisor partnership

Work with advisors to support them in helping their chapters reach their goals. Send out surveys to advisors and students asking how the regional officer team can help. Review the PTK advisor curriculum that is to be put out by HQ in 2018.